Thursday, August 02, 2012

Botswana Cycle - Day 4 & 5

Day 4 & 5 – Playing a little catch up with the blog... power’s been running low on the cell phone, legs, inspiration and the urge to sit around the fire and type ... the only thing we can hear right now are our asses!! But in a nut shell the last 2 days have been dotted with Wimpy food, road side braais, colds beers and warnings! Nearly every conversation we have with a road side local, has ended with the astonished individual saying something like, “eish! You are going to Kasane ?! ... aah ... is too far ... there are lions and elephants! ... even cheetah !!” . Be that as it may we pedal on as any two idiotic tourists would.
Derynne’s ‘biker’ uncle and his friend Pieter, caught up with us on day 5 in the village of Mosetse. After a quick hello, in true biker fashion they roared on ahead and set up a road side braai under a Mopani tree, complete with rump steak & cold beers ... after 65 km for the morning we didn’t hesitate to pull over sharply.  

I think the open road & blue sky infected Rex & Pieter like a virus, because they decided to push on another 60 km north to Nata Lodge to join us for dinner, turning their spur of the moment bike run from a brief visit maybe as far as Francistown, to a 900 km haul to Nata! Capitilizing on the moment, Johan tried to sell them a more wholistic Botswana holiday, by suggesting we swop bikes for the last 60 clicks to Nata ... unfortunately beer bellied bikers are a hard sell.
So that’s day 4 & 5 ... the distance stats are: day 4 – 75 km and day 5 – 130 km (the promise of more beer & our first hot shower, provided the petrol needed for day 5’s leg). 

Today (day 6) we start heading north of Nata to Kasane (315 km), which will take 3 – 4 days into lion & elephant country ... even cheetah!

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Antoinette Morgan said...

Hi Johan & Howard. That sound so typical of my cycle trip from Ruacana to Livingstone: Its far, what about elephants and lions? Saw 2 eliphants in the Caprivi and that was it. Just keep pumping those legs.