Monday, June 04, 2012

African Safari Tours in Mozambique

While South Africa tours remain to be incredibly popular holiday activities for tourists visiting South Africa, Mozambique safaris are also gaining attention by travellers and locals with itchy feet. As many tourists vising South Africa want to explore its vast and beautiful landscapes and are often looking to explore its neighbouring countries, we’d recommend doing a “three in one” trip, visiting South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland in one tour.

This trip will not only mean that your passport will be stamped by three different border posts, but will enable you to get a feel for what each country has to offer. With a professional touring company which specialises in African travel, you’ll be able to explore the best of each nation, save time with their valuable information which has been gained through their experience and will have the opportunity to be care-free and simply go with the flow while your tour operator does the hard work and planning.

Here is an example of the three-in-one tour which is hosted by African Travel Gateway, an African travel and tours company. Their tour is called the “Three Country Wildlife Wave Safari Tour” and will take you from South Africa, through to Mozambique and then to Swaziland before finishing back in the Rainbow Nation. Taking you to some of these regions most beautiful and popular tourist destinations, we’d highly recommend embarking on a tour like this to see the best of an area.

Here is a brief summary of the “Three Country Wildlife Wave Safari Tour”:

Starting in Malalane in South Africa, the first leg of the tour focuses on the Kruger National Park. Spend a day and two nights here observing its magnificent big five and wildlife. On your third day, you’ll enter Mozambique and drive to Maputo where you’ll be able taken on a tour of the history and culture of the bustling city. After the tour you’ll be driven about 100km south of the city to an idyllic lodge, Ponta Momoli Lodge. Spend two days on the beach, snorkelling and walking along the endless pristine beach before leaving for Hluhluwe and St Lucia.

On the way to your next destination, you’ll have the opportunity to visit a local orphanage, explore the northern Zululand and embark on an open-top 4X4 wildlife safari. Spend your last day at St Lucia on the beach, exploring the wetland park or visiting a local game reserve. Your next stop will be Swaziland where you’ll have a day to discover its unique culture, understand its royal family and visit the Mololotja Game Reserve. Your last day of the tour will be spent making your way back to Mpumalanga in South Africa where you’ll be taken to local rock paintings and rock formations.

With a tour schedule like this, you’ll quickly find yourself relaxing and will be sure to see the top attractions of each region. If you can see yourself lounging on a pristine beach, observing the big five or sipping cocktails out of a coconut, we highly recommend that you embark on a three country safari tour - discover a new culture, be entranced by a new location every second day and be refreshed by a sense of adventure.