Monday, November 14, 2011

Unique African Safaris on Elephant or Horse Back

African safaris are amongst the most popular holidays in the world; not only do they offer the luxury and relaxation that so many tourists seek when booking vacations but they also offer something slightly different and novel. Traditionally, vehicle safaris and bush walks are the most popular and accessible ways of exploring a game reserve and observing the African wildlife, however in the last few years several game lodges have come up with other ways to treat their guests and have started offering elephant and horse-back safaris as part of their packages.

Elephant back safaris are unlike any other African safaris as they give guests the opportunity to come up close and personal with these friendly giants. Elephants are gentle and sturdy creatures which enjoy being part of a herd and feeling affection. For this reason, elephant safaris are conducted in a peaceful manner and guests are informed as to how they need to treat and react to the animals. Every guest will be allocated an elephant and can climb onto its back with the help of a specially designed ramp. Elephant back safaris will take guests away from the sounds of vehicles and technology, and will enable them to become one with nature while bonding with some of the wild’s most respected and tender big 5 members. Listen to the surrounding sounds of nature and gentle huffs of the elephants while observing the other beautiful wildlife of Africa and the landscape which has stolen many hearts and imaginations.

The elephants in these African safaris are treated with dignity and respect. And although the game reserves are run for the tourists who choose to visit them, they are also run as sanctuaries to animals which aren’t capable of living in the wild by themselves. Many of the elephants which guests will find ride have been nursed back to health by the game reserve’s guides and are now living as part of a herd with the other elephants in the park.

Similar to elephant safaris yet slightly more adrenaline filled are horse-back safaris. Guests are paired with a horse suited to their physique and personalities and are guided along tracks in the wild. Most game reserves ensure that all horses have had dressage training so that they remain calm and well-behaved when coming across a member of the big 5 instead of being spooked. The horses are all kept in the game reserve’s stables and are regularly groomed. These safaris are most popular amongst horse-lovers however in recent years have attracted the attention of holiday makers in search of a slightly different experience whilst venturing on African safaris. Trained horse-riders will be used to the twitchy natures of the horses and the swishing of their tails, however for tourists who aren’t accustomed to their personalities their safari experience will be all the more exciting and novel.

Visiting game reserves for the all exciting dream of African Safaris is something thousands of tourists enjoy every year. Elephant back and horse-back safaris enable us to have Safari experiences that are slightly different to the norm; not only do we have the enchanting encounter with the African landscape and have the opportunity to observe Africa’s unique wildlife, but we’ll feel one with nature whilst bonding with elephants and horses, and will be able to discover the wild whilst being a part of it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Things You Will Love about African Safaris

African safaris offer holidays unlike any other where guests can explore a new and unique landscape and be inspired by what it has to offer. In the 21st century, African safaris are more luxurious and tempting than ever; promising to offer guests the vacation of a lifetime. Here are the five things that we know you’ll love most about African safaris.

1. You’ve received the postcards and watched the documentaries, but observing wildlife whilst on location is an experience everyone should experience for themselves at least once. Book a safari holiday for yourself for a truly remarkable getaway. Watching large herds of elephants at a waterhole and observing giraffes prune the tops of trees is something you’ll never be able to forget. Track lions until their roars are behind the next tree and enjoy the exhilarating experience of watching a leopard stalk its prey. 

2. Explore a landscape unlike any other and be inspired by beautiful waterfalls, plains, forests and sea views. Africa has a unique countryside that inspires and enchants; it is the perfect place for a romantic getaway and the ideal place for an adventure holiday with your friends and family. Go hiking in the majestic mountains, participate in the excitement of a walking safari, and enjoy the adrenaline rush of white water rafting. Here, you’ll be able to lose yourself in a world away from everything you’ve previously known and will be able to soak up the strong African sun and enjoy the idyllic landscape you’ve stumbled upon. In every direction you’ll be faced with a new aspect of the continent; at the end of your holiday you’ll join the hundreds of thousands who have fallen in love with this continent before you. 

3. Many tourists who embark on African safari tours find themselves being treated to beautiful and luxurious accommodation. Made to feel like royalty, every indulgence is at their beck and call, and each one of their needs is catered for. Private lodges and private game reserves show guests how to enjoy simple needs extravagantly, and show them how to enjoy the beauty of Africa in style. Be pampered at the lodge spa, enjoy the delicious cuisine prepared for you by your private chef, and embark on private game drives with staggering views. 

4. The personal nature of African safaris adds to their charm.  Not only do they offer guests the chance to explore the African landscape, observe the wildlife and enjoy luxury accommodation, but guests are also made to feel at home. Lodge staff and game drivers are friendly to all guests, and enjoy breakfasts and dinners on the lookout decks with them. Birthdays, weddings, and the festive season are all the more jovial as lodge staff join in with the celebrations. 

5. Perhaps the most lovable aspect of African safaris is the peace and quiet which they offer guests. Far away from the constant buzz, sounds of traffic and bright lights of the city, game reserves offer guests a tranquil and serene environment where they can kick back and relax. Observing the animals, enjoying spa treatments, and lounging on a deck chair allow guests to reconnect with their inner peace and let go of all stresses. 

It’s not hard to see why African safaris are amongst the most sought after vacations in the world. They take guests to another world – far away from the stresses of busy cities – and show them the interesting wildlife, exquisite landscape, luxurious accommodation and beautiful people of the African continent. A visit to Africa will leave you feeling refreshed and relax, and will enchant you, making you fall in love with a beautiful continent. 

Thursday, September 01, 2011

African Safaris to Revitalize your Body and Soul

African safaris are unlike any other holiday as they have the power to sweep you off your feet whilst relaxing your body and calming your soul. Not only do they cover some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world but they treat guests to pampering and show them how to enjoy the bare necessities of life luxuriously. Whether you embark on a safari for an adventure, to observe the unique wildlife, to enjoy the luxurious accommodation or to see the beautiful African landscapes, you’ll leave feeling revitalized and with a newly inspired inner peace.

African safaris are amongst the most desired holidays in the world. As many tourists haven’t seen anything quite like African terrain before, these holidays take them to another world where everything is new and different. Unique and beautiful wildlife graze amongst a gorgeous backdrop, and beautiful clear skies offer endless space and freedom. Many African safaris are teamed up with luxurious accommodation, offering guests pampering and pure indulgences after a day spent tracking wildlife and bird-watching.

Many tourists embark on African safaris to find peace and relaxation. Surrounded by the tranquil African bush and soft sound of birds, insects, and the ruffling of grass, guests will find the peace they are seeking. Regardless of the type of African Safaris they choose to embark on, be it fly-in, self-drive or a scheduled tour, guests will feel themselves unwinding and touching ground merely by being surrounded by the incredible African landscape and lifestyle. Guests can simply sit back and relax on their safari tour in Africa; looking for animals and enjoying the fresh air blowing in their hair.

The luxurious accommodation of many African Safaris entices guests from all over the world to spend their holidays relaxing next to pools, enjoying gourmet cuisine or sleeping late in soft king size beds. On game drives, breakfast and sun-downer breaks are taken where guests can enjoy snacks of biltong and crisps whilst being served drinks by their tour guides. The lifestyle is slow paced and lazy; guests can enjoy the simplicity of life luxuriously and with an air of extravagance. It’s no difficult feat to relax on African safaris, as all stresses are taken away and you are forced to be looked after by the professional lodge staff. Most safari accommodation has further facilities to help you relax; such as private spas, gyms, swimming pools, lounges, bars and restaurants.

If you dream of observing the big 5 and tracking wildlife, African safaris will offer you the holiday of a lifetime. Whilst on safari you’ll be able to spot lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, hippos, giraffes, zebras, impala, crocodiles, and rhino; amongst many other wild animals. African safaris also offer their guests the chance to observe some of the world’s most rare and beautiful birds and insects.

The African landscape is truly unlike any other and will take foreign tourists to a world they’ve only been able to dream of before. The ground is hard, baked by the sun, and the grass is tall. Everything is yellow, beige, green, brown or orange, and changes shade as the sun grows brighter and fades into the horizon. The beautiful landscape, compared with the relaxed atmosphere is something thousands of people repeatedly travel for; once you’ve experienced Africa it will become the place you dream of returning to and will be the substance of memories long treasured.

Amongst the favourite countries for African safaris are Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa as they team first world luxuries with the peace and tranquillity of Africa. Each country has unique landscapes and wildlife, however a similar African atmosphere can be felt wherever you go and the baked earth is a constant reminder of the soil you are walking on.

Whether you go on African safaris to observe the wildlife, unwind, to indulge in luxurious accommodation or to enjoy the unique landscape which surrounds you, you’ll find your experience on African soil to be soothing and calming. Centre yourself whilst in beautiful surroundings and regain all inner peace and composure.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Selinda Canoe Trail - Northern Botswana

We have introduced an exciting new safari to our Botswana portfolio of Tours & Safaris ... the Selinda Canoe Trail is a low impact safari that offers and exceptionally rich African wilderness experience ... the canoe trail follows the Selinda Spillway (the channel conecting the Okavango with the Linyanti Swamps), over a period of 4 days & 3 nights. Guests camp on the banks of the river to the sounds of lions roraring or elephants feeding in the surrounding bush ! ... truely a remarkable African wilderness adventure !

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Walking Safari in South Luangwa

The New Zebra Plains Camp in the South Luangwa Valley of Zambia is offering a fantastic 3 Night Walking Safari for U$ 1235 pp sharing valid between 01 June - 31 Oct 2011

The Sanctuary Zebra Plains Camp is nestled on the banks of the Luangwa River - an unspoilt and magical wilderness area that has many exciting African mammals resident to it, including elephant, zebta, cape buffalo, crocodiles and puku. The Luangwa River and its diverse landscape makes for an excellent walking safaris both from a gameviewing, birdwatching and spectacular scenery point of view ... the camp only accommodates 6 guests thus remaining intimate and an ideal walking safari destination ...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New 6 Night Vic Falls, Chobe & Houseboat Safari

We have just put a new recommended itinerary that encompasses Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park and the Ichobezi Safariboat that cruises the Chobe Rivers channels and floodplains. This exciting new itinerary offers value for money and variety in a relatively short period of time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Houseboats on Chobe River

Houseboats have mostly been associated with lake Kariba on the border between
Zimbabwe and Zambia ... however there a couple of exciting houseboat options on the Chobe & Upper Zambezi Rivers, take for example the Zambezi Queen and the Ichobezi Safariboats, these products give a complete new angle on exploring the Chobe River and surrounding floodplains

Friday, April 01, 2011

African Walking Safaris Explained ...

When searching for African Walking Safaris on the internet, its sometimes difficult to actually grasp the concept. This new page on our website lifts out and defines the different ways a walking safari can be classified.