Sunday, August 05, 2012

Botswana Cycle Trip - Day 6 & 7

Johan and Howard's Botswana Cycle Trip - Day 6 & 7

After parasitizing the remnants of the security guard's fire to make coffee, we were offered left over eggs & bacon by our neighbours (an overland group).

This was chased by Nata Lodge's burgers & chips for lunch (best food this side of the Chobe by the way). Running out of excuses to linger any longer, we split.

Pulled in at Nata itself for some shopping (very nearly made complete fools of ourselves by both biting the tar in front of a busy shop front). Then hit the long road north towards Kasane for 56km day. This road very quickly let's you know you in wild country ... A leopard was watching us last night from an ele path next to our campsite before skirting us.

Day 7

Day 7 started with a 3km  push along sandy elephant paths in an effort to find the road again. Things got even better when an enthusiastic 15km/h headwind picked up and blew incessantly ... except of course during our lunch break, when the headwind was relieved by a 20km/h tailwind.

The monotany of the straight road and good kite flying weather was broken by a few great elephant sightings as they crossed in front of us.

The day ended on 84km in another very cool bush campsite.


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